Redwell Medical Centre


The role of the Doctor is to diagnose and manage more complex conditions, including appropriate prescribing and referral where needed.

Minor illness and stable chronic conditions are extremely well managed by our highly trained Nurses and Advanced Practitioners. Most are able to prescribe a range of medication (e.g. antibiotics etc) and make referrals if necessary. If you are seen by a Nurse or Advanced Practitioner and they feel you need to see a doctor, they will advise you how to book this or ask the Duty Doctor to review you if it is of an urgent nature.

Messages to the Doctor

If you need a message to get passed to the Doctor, you can do this via our receptionists.  If the message is long or complex, it is best that you drop the Doctor a written note but please be aware these messages should be for the Doctor’s information only.

Booking a "Phone Back"

If you need to speak to the doctor rather than be seen, you can book a “phone back” – please ask our receptionists.

GP Appointments

Please remember that a GP appointment is usually only 10 minutes long – be patient if we are running late and if you have several problems to discuss, it may not be possible to deal with them all in 10 minutes and you may be asked to come back another day.