Redwell Medical Centre

1 Turner Road, Wellingborough, NN8 4UT

Telephone 01933 423424

More about Making an Appointment

Our appointments system is designed to be as flexible as possible to best meet our patients’ needs.

Capacity is divided approximately into 50 per cent each, of pre-bookable and same day GP appointments. We also have Advanced Practitioners and Specialist Practice Nurses, who are able to deal with minor conditions such as infections, rashes, strains etc. Most of their appointments are available on a same day basis.

When you ring to arrange an appointment, the receptionist will ask if you are able to tell them what the problem is. The reason for this is so that you are booked in with the most appropriate Healthcare Professional which may not always be a Doctor. Directing patients appropriately to other Clinicians greatly reduces the demand for GP appointments, leaving them free to see patients with more complex problems. It would help us to make best use of our GP’s time if you agree to see who is most appropriate.

  • If your problem is not urgent and can wait a few days, you can ring the medical centre to arrange a pre-booked appointment with the doctor of your choice (subject to availability).  Appointments are usually available both a few days and up to 6 weeks in advance.
  • Patients are allocated a specific GP for administrative purposes, but you can see any Doctor you choose. We do have pre-booked GP appointments available on some Saturday mornings.
  • If you would like to be seen on a same day basis, you can ring at 08:30, Monday to Friday to arrange a same day appointment. We do have a queuing facility on our telephone system, and there are frequently 20 plus calls in the queue at 08:30. However, we recommend that you remain in the queue as we are equipped to deal with high call volumes at this time of day and you should not usually experience a lengthy wait.
  • If your problem is urgent, and there are no routine same day appointments available, please explain this to the receptionist, who will offer you either telephone consultation with the Duty Doctor. Our Duty Doctor is responsible for dealing with the same day emergency appointments and home visits, so we do ask that patients request these appointments only in appropriate circumstances.
  • You can also book a routine GP appointment online – however you will need to register for this service to obtain online access and a password, please ask our receptionists for details. Please note these are for more complex or ongoing problems that need to be dealt with by a GP. Please contact the surgery in the usual way for appointments that can be dealt with by other Healthcare Professionals. Medicals/HGVs etc should not be booked online as they require an extended appointment and an upfront fee.