Redwell Medical Centre

1 Turner Road, Wellingborough, NN8 4UT

Telephone 01933 423424

Treatment Area Appointments

Our Practice Nurses deal with patients who need dressings, injections, smear tests and swabs etc. We also have Health Care assistants who take blood samples and blood pressure readings, give some injections, carry out ECG tests and some dressings.

Appointments with the treatment area team can be made by calling the treatment area during opening hours.

Appointments are usually pre-booked, but there is limited same day capacity to deal with minor injuries such as cuts, scalds etc, which reduces demand at the local hospital A&E department. If you have an injury which we can deal with, we will see you if at all possible, you may have a short wait but it is likely to be very much less than you would have at a hospital A&E department, so please bear with us and be a ‘patient’ patient – we are doing our best.

Our treatment area nurses also administer travel vaccines. You will need to complete a Foreign Travel Questionnaire prior to making your appointment, please speak to our treatment area receptionist, who will explain the procedure to you. However please note that you need to start this process well in advance, as some vaccines take up to 6 weeks to become effective and appointment availability is sometimes limited. Remember that whilst a last minute holiday might be available, a last minute travel appointment may not be.